Become an Animal Adventurer... Save the animals, Save the World!

Published in Very Young Learners, Webinar, Young Learners on Jun 05, 2021

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    DaVida Alston-Smith

- National Geographic Learning -

“Become an Animal Adventurer... Save the animals, Save the World!” | DaVida Alston-Smith | for Kindergarten students - Grade 2 | 9th June, 9.30 a.m. (Lisbon Time)

"Project Exploration 2.0 is a unique interactive virtual session in English for Kindergarten students - Grade 2. Join us as students explore the biodiversity that makes up our planet and learn about why saving these species and spaces is vital for preserving our planet as we know it. Learners will use a variety of text and resources to engage in STEAM based activities all whilst building their English language and literacy skills.

This 30-minute online class will be hosted by National Geographic Learning’s own Engagement Consultant, DaVida Alston-Smith with a special guest appearance from a National Geographic Explorer! During the session students will delve into important global issues which are tailored to raise awareness about endangered species and animal conservation through student-centered activities designed to encourage critical thinking and promote scientific literacy. "