Mindful EFL day

Published in Formação on Aug 07, 2022

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    APPI Zoom Platform

Ação de Curta Duração (3 horas)

Join us for the upcoming Mindful EFL Day, on 10th September for an inspiring, mind-opening, paradigm-shifting experience where we aim to introduce the new APPI Mindful EFL Special Interest Group, offer insights around the purpose of Mindfulness as a daily practice of presence in the now moment and all of the benefits this can provide as well as the challenges one may encounter and also provide hands-on tools to improve focus, well-being, and collaboration in the classroom.

Speakers: José Pinto Gouveia, José Moura Carvalho, Anna Pires and Tânia Castilho


(Limited places!)

Registration opens: 30th August!