YLTSIG: Sharing languages: celebrating children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT

Published in Conference on May 19, 2021

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"This year’s IATEFL YLTSIG virtual Pre-Conference Event will explore children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT from a variety of perspectives. The PCE aims to enable TEYL professionals to move from a ‘monolingual’ to a ‘multilingual’ mindset by being inclusive of linguistic diversity in English language education and by celebrating multilingual children’s and teenagers’ skills.

Taking place on Zoom Meeting, the day-long event will unpack ways children and teenagers use their multiple languages, consider the benefits of multilingualism for ELT and share pedagogical strategies which value diverse linguistic repertoires. Each session will include interaction between the PCE speakers and delegates, including breakout rooms for group discussion and reflection. There will also be regular refreshment ‘breakouts’ with optional socialising.

Our outstanding speaker lineup comprises:

  • Nayr Ibrahim’s plenary will set the scene by outlining current issues in multilingualism in children’s and teenagers’ English education

  • Lijuan Shi’s keynote will share classroom-based examples of translanguaging in early years settings

  • Hamish Chalmers’ keynote will explore ways children can create linguistic landscapes at primary school, particularly those learning in multilingual environments

  • Constant Leung’s keynote will demonstrate how teenagers' languages are included (as well as to what extent) in order to access the curriculum in EAL contexts

  • Leketi Makalela’s plenary will provide delegates with a fascinating focus on translanguaging via a holistic lens to foster connection and solidarity - including the concept of ‘ubuntu’

As well as the ELT-orientated sessions, Canan Marasligil’s ‘inspire’ session will showcase ways children and teenagers creatively use their multilingual repertoires beyond the classroom.

The PCE plenaries and keynotes will be followed by a panel Q&A and we will end the day with an interactive quiz on multilingualism in ELT.


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