Posted in APPInep, News on Feb 19, 2016.

Speaker: Sandie Mourão                                                                                                       18th February 2016

Dear colleague:

APPI in partnership with DGE will run a webinar under the title: Avaliação de Inglês no 1º CEB.

This webinar takes a look at assessment in 1º CEB with the objective of understanding how we can document progression successfully now that English is a curricular subject. Five topics will serve to structure the webinar:

1.    What is assessment?

2.    Why do we assess our learners?

3.    What do we assess?

4.    When do we assess?

5.    How do we assess and what tools can help us do this properly?

These five topics will provide some of the answers to queries sent in by teachers who are working for the first time as English teachers in the 1º ciclo. They will also provide viewers with the opportunity to see how assessment should be seen as an integrated part of our planning and teaching.

Recorded webinar  here!