E-newsletter that focuses on Teaching English to Young Learners and Very Young Learners

E-Newsletter nº18 Autumn

PBL - A mini project about waste water - by Ana Demitroff

Book review: Sitting still like a frog - Mindfulness exercises for kids (and their parents) - By Anna Pires 

The tales of Strays Campaign or how ELT embraced companion animals - by Margarida Kosior

My family - a stepbook - by Isabel Cipriano Cruz

A challenging year abroad... Escola Portuguesa de Cabo Verde - by Cristina Reis

Reading from the book: Mr Stink by David Walliams - by Carla Seixas

Desmond Rome Scholarship by Marta Donato and Cristina Reis 

E-Newsletter nº17 Winter/Spring

An approach of awareness - integrating phonetics into our classrooms - by Cristina Santos Pereira 

Going online with 4 to 10-Year-Olds: more than memories - by Ana Demitroff

Story buddies by Dila Gaspar

English and Maths in the pre-school classroom: counting mats -  by Ana Nunes  

Christmas cracker - Tereza Verdade 

eTwinning project: Kindness will save the world - Fernanda Soares 

APPInep 20 years - by Sónia Ferreirinha (APPIforma)

E-Newsletter nº16 Summer

e-activities: a framework for online activities - by Ana Nunes

A successful plan B - by Carol Reis Nascimento

Interesting findings - by Dila Gaspar

Help! How can I reach out to my students now?  - by Cristina Reis

A visit to London - by Sandrine Coelho

Taking students on a field trip using virtual tours - by Biana Barnard

Outdoor Classroom Day - by Tereza Verdade

APPIforma 2020 - by Sónia Ferreirinha

E-Newsletter nº15 Winter/ Spring 

We don't teach English. We teach people. - by Annie Altamirano

Language & Culture in the Classroom: a personal view and a suggestion of good practices in the English primary classroom - by Luís Elói

Once upon a time... - by Helena Soares

Incorporating the unexpected into your language classroom - by Chris Roland

The Sound of Music lesson plan - by Luís Tomaz Pires

A dental health routine in the pre-primary classroom - by Ana Nunes

E-Twinning project: a simple postcard exchange - by Nádia Raminhos

ICEPELL Erasmus+ project - by Sónia Ferreirinha 

E-Newsletter nº 14 Spring/ Summer

An example of how PBL enhances linguistic and cognitive skills in the EFL and CLIL classroom –  by Lola Garay Abad

Making a book – by Andrew Wright

Digital storytelling tools in the YL English classroom – Part II – by Susana Oliveira

Get creative – an ELT blog by Kasia Piotrowska

The first English lessons of the new school year – by Mark Ormerod

Going around Santo André on the bike route – by Ana Nunes

I went on a job shadowing experience and you can too – by Helena Soares

E- Newsletter nº 13 Winter

“The joys of storytelling” and “Storytelling lesson plan” – by David Heathfield

Digital storytelling tools in the YL classroom- part 1- by Susana Oliveira

Playing ever after – learning through stories and play – by Fran Seftel

Class Oral Storymaking – by Andrew Wright

Postcrossing as a school Project – by Filipa Daniela Duarte

PEPELT facebook page – by Sonia Ferreirinha

The primary teacher confirmation scale – by Alexandra Santana


E-Newsletter nº 12 Autumn

Assessment in primary English education – by Sandie Mourão

From one-word utterances to complete sentences – by Isabel Silva

The water cycle revisited- by Chris Roland

Learning English with ICT, in the primary school – by Sandrine Coelho

Festivities – Thanksgiving

There were ten in the bed – Story and song – by Daniella Costa

CLIL for CHILDREN: Materials and resources for primary CLIL- by Margarida Morgado

Using puppets in the ELT classroom- by Fernanda Soares

E-Newsletter nº 11 Spring-Summer 

School Clusters Assessment Criteria- by Carolyn Leslie, Maria Alfredo Moreira, Sandie Mourão and Estela Monteiro

English Language Area- by Maria Teolinda Braga

Seven Blind Mice – by Dila Gaspar

Arts & Crafts: Revision Dice – by Dila Gaspar

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – by Filipa Daniela Duarte

“Tell me how you assess and I’ll tell you how you teach.” (Carolyn Leslie) by Sofia Lopes Moreira

E-newsletter nº 10 – Winter time

Learners as Resources – by Anna Pires

 Storytelling corner: Every Colour is Perfect – by Milita Bucho

 In the classroom: Crafts for festivities: Father’s Day and Easter Bunny  – by Dila Gaspar

Game: Ducks and Dogs – by Chris Roland

 Projects Corner Kiitos@21st Century Preschools – by Carla Rocha and Sónia Ferreirinha



E-Newsletter Nº 9 – Autumn time

A is for … –  by Paula de Nagy

Let’s play, play and play! Part 4 – by Cristina Bento and Sónia Ferreirinha

Collaborative activities through eTwinning by Clara Chambel

Room on the broom-  by Helena Soares

 Crafts for festivities: Halloween cat and Christmas tree by Dila Gaspar



E-Newsletter Nº 8 – Summer time

Managing resources 1: Print materials – by Katherine Bilsborough

Let’s play, play and PLAY! (part 3) –by Cristina Bento and Sónia Ferreirinha

Saying goodbye – by Helena Soares


E- Newsletter nº 7 – Winter Time

Beyond their World: Social Science Skills in the ELT Classroom – by Anita Demitroff

Let’s play, play and PLAY! (part 2) – by Cristina Bento and Sónia Ferreirinha

Video animation – by Helena Soares

My crazy monster: a speaking activity for the 4th graders – by Teresa Albuquerque

APPIFORMA – Teacher Training Courses


E-Newsletter Nº 6 -Back to School 

Lexical Chunks – by Carolyn Leslie

Let’s play, play and PLAY!(part 1) – by Cristina Bento and Sónia Ferreirinha

Our Lunch menu- by Carla Rocha

Draw in English – by Helena Soares


E-Newsletter Nº 5 – Summer time

 Being a teacher is… – by Liliana Ferreira

 Two more questions about little ones and language – by Chris Roland

The Little Red Hen – by Helena Soares

Summer wishes, the magical flip-flop – by Ana Catarina Rocha

APPIFORMA -Teacher Training Courses


E-Newsletter Nº 4 – Spring time

To CLIL or not to CLIL .. is that the question? – Claudia Rey   Bein

A question about little ones and language – Chris Roland

How to cook a book – Ana Maria Cerdeira

End of term – Velma Costa


E-Newsletter Nº 3 – Winter time

We don’t teach English. We teach people. – Annie Altamirano—TESOL-SPAIN

Developing an intercultural competence for Carnaval – Sandie Mourão

Celebrating St. Valentine’s day – Fernanda Rosário—E.B. 2,3 de Avis

Teacher Training –  APPIForma


E-Newsletter Nº 2 – Back to school

Creating a Positive Learning Environment – Isabel Brites | APPI member nºA – 424

School is Back and so is Autumn – Sónia Ferreirinha | APPI

First Lessons Activities – Cristina Bento | APPinep

Arts & Crafts – Ana Catarina Rocha | APPI member nºB – 6587

E-Newsletter Nº 1 – Summer time

Introduction – Cristina Bento & Sónia Ferreirinha – APPINep Coordinators

Group 120 – Fears and hopes – Mark Daubney – ESE Leiria

Useful Links – Summer craftAna Catarina Rocha – Quarteira

Tips for teachers – Chris Roland – Seville

Holidays & Festivities – Raquel Coelho- Fujairah, United Arab Emirates