Diversity, inclusion, and elitism in CLIL: What’s the story?

Published in Formação on Apr 07, 2021

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    Dra . Marisa Pérez Cañado – Universidad de Jaén


This talk will focus on one of the most hotly debated issues affecting Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at present: diversity, inclusion, and elitism in bilingual programs. Through a variant of the game “20 Questions”, it will showcase fifteen of the most common queries which are at present being tossed back and forth on this front and will employ empirical evidence from the latest investigations on the topic (cf. www.adibeproject.com) to address them. It will also discuss the broader take-aways and the chief pedagogical implications which these findings have for the different stakeholders, and make available a broad array of materials, technological resources, and teacher development options to continue addressing the challenge of diversity in CLIL in the immediate future.


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